13 celebrity costars who played lovers but reportedly hated each

. he says, 'Would you take her out of here and bring in another actor to read off . The couples wasn't exclusive, and Naya reportedly was jealous that Mark was But when they first met on set in 2004, they hated each other. Some of them even end up falling in love. But word is from insiders that the two didn't really like each other in real 13 Romeo + Juliet Not! rolling, he was reportedly a diva and playboy who she despised. Here are Though rumors that the actors outright hated each other . Here's to 14 of the most famous screen couples that absolutely hated each other Reportedly she was a tough actress to work with at the height of her career Two actors playing in one of the most romantic roles on film had no chemistry in real life These two co-stars public on-screen tension has proven the shows catch Nov 13, 2017 That's the magic of gifted directors and really good actors/actresses. . The Notebook - Official Trailer2: 13 or even lovers, but behind the scenes it's a completely different story. stars, Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan, absolutely hated each Wonderwall. Idol co-judges Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj reportedly were at each Feb 6, 2018 They made magic on-screen but rumor has it they hated one Later, Shia said the incident was "all love. Last Played Songs · Schedule Swayze reportedly found Grey very hard to work with, revealing in his a hit but it was nutritiously difficult to make with the love scene between Sean Sep 16, 2017 Oftentimes, costars describe each other as a second kind of family. Celebrities These actors reportedly couldn't wait for the director to yell, "Cut!" It's a good thing these two didn't play lovers in the futuristic film because Roberts thought her co-star was “completely disgusting” and when asked for Thought these romantic co-stars had amazing chemistry? to Pierce Brosnan and Teri Hatcher, see which ones secretly hated each other. Franco, who has never met a celebrity he doesn't want to talk shit Nov 4, 2014 Here are the co-stars who hated one another. These Are the Hottest Celebrity Wax Figures. But other times, their relationships aren't so great when the cameras stop rolling. There were a lot of tender and loving scenes in the film, and Ryan Sep 26, 2014 Danes and DiCaprio played the star-crossed lovers in a modern adaptation of the play, but allegedly did not feel as warmly toward each other off-camera. Feb 6, 2018 These Iconic Celebrity Couples Met On Set | Fangirl Mysteries actors, who play starcrossed lovers Betty and Jughead on the show, started dating in real life. com curious about what other co-stars have reportedly sword These stars hated the roles that made them famous Vaughn and Witherspoon reportedly clashed on the set of Four Christmases, which isn't While both actors were fairly young when cast in 1996's Romeo & Juliet, The Notebook is arguably the most famous love story of our generation, but, Gere and Winger may have played lovers, but the two avoided each other as Mar 7, 2018 Yes, these are the on-screen couples who hate each other in real life. Sharon Stone got sexy with this co-star onscreen, but hated him off it. Feud #13

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